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Graduation Ceremony 2017

Date: 25-07-2017 11:33
This is asmall teaser of this year's Graduation Ceremony:             Last Updated: 25 Jul 2017 

ECDL core for kids

Date: 24-07-2017 16:34
  Booking is now open! Call us on +356 21 433 688 / +356 27 433 688 or email us on info@domaingroup.com.mt for further information.

Domain Academy celebrates Graduation

Date: 07-03-2016 15:47
Domain Academy celebrates graduation of 95 students The event was presided by over President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca together with Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, youth and Sports       Domain Academy which forms part of Domain Group celebrated the success of another 95 students who graduated in Inf ...read full article ››

Microsoft tests underwater data centre

Date: 03-02-2016 13:36
Microsoft has come up with a radical new way to store data - under the sea. Testing of the firm's first underwater data centre - dubbed Leona Philpot after a character in an Xbox game - has just been completed in an initiative called Project Natick. Data centres are believed to consume up to 3% of the world's electricity, according to researchers.   Large tec ...read full article ››

Apple embeds solar cells into iPhones

Date: 07-01-2016 12:19
Apple has been granted a patent for solar cells embedded underneath touch screens, similar to those used in Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch display. A new patent from Apple highlighted by PatentlyApple this week, though, describes a technology that would be a very welcome remedy to battery life issues. The patent covers applying so ...read full article ››

Microsoft announce Service Book Laptop

Date: 07-10-2015 13:46
Microsoft recently pushed hard on their smaller devices, with some rather large devices joining in for good measure. With the rework of the Windows mobiles, the Surface 4 coming after a strong stretch of tablets from Microsoft and even the Surface Hub for all your work based whiteboard needs. It would seem Microsoft are looking at pushing the market ye ...read full article ››

Twitter set to launch an exciting feature

Date: 19-06-2015 09:50
Twitter is planning a major overhaul this year. The social network has revealed plans to launch a new feature called Project Lightning, which puts photos and videos of talked-about events front and center on the site. The idea is to highlight trending events -- like the NBA finals, the Grammys or the earthquake in Nepal -- by running a series of photos, videos and othe ...read full article ››

South Korean Win Darpa robotics challenge

Date: 08-06-2015 10:42
A South Korean robotics team has won the Darpa Robotics Challenge.The contest is a battle of robots on an obstacle course meant to simulate conditions similar to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. Team Kaist's DRC-Hubo humanoid robot defeated 22 others to win the top $2m prize from the US Department of Defense's Darpa research unit.The robots had an hour to ...read full article ››

Skype fixes a recent bug in chats

Date: 03-06-2015 14:34
Skype says it has fixed a bug that caused its chat apps to repeatedly crash if a specific string of eight characters was sent to a user. The flaw affected its software on iOS, Android and some versions of Windows, but did not appear to affect Macs."{We] have rolled out updates for all impacted platforms," a Skype spokeswoman said. The action came a week after a similar ...read full article ››

Spotify introduce a new service

Date: 21-05-2015 15:28
The popular music streaming app - Spotify is adding a special mode for running that plays music that syncs up to the pace of your run, along with a few of the other new features. The feature works like this: you start the running mode, and then you start running. Using the technology already in your phone, Spotify figures out how fast you’re going an ...read full article ››

Google robot cars tested on public roads

Date: 18-05-2015 09:39
Google's purpose-built robots cars are getting the green light to drive on public roads. This summer some of the self-driving cars will be tested on the roads around Mountain View, California, where the search giant is based. Before now, the small vehicles have only driven on test tracks and have not mixed with regular traffic.Google has tested autonomous vehicles on p ...read full article ››

Technology is redesigning the future work place

Date: 04-05-2015 09:28
First, the technology sector gave us Google's bean bags and Facebook's feted ping-pong tables. Now these companies are raising jousting skyscrapers into the Silicon Valley skyline. Facebook has just this month moved into new headquarters designed by Frank Gehry, designer of Spain's Guggenheim Museum. Its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, describes it as the largest ope ...read full article ››

Can paper survive the digital age?

Date: 27-04-2015 14:49
The phrase 'paperless office' was coined way back in the 1970s, when commentators, buoyed by the exciting potential offered by technology, predicted that all record handling would be purely electronic by the 1990s. But, as the above picture of my desk demonstrates - we are still a long way off. Partly that is down to cost - it is a whole lot cheaper to give employees a ...read full article ››

Messenger spacecraft to crash into Mercury

Date: 20-04-2015 10:35
The spacecraft that captured the first photos of ice on Mercury is bidding us all farewell on April 30th. NASA's MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging (Messenger) spacecraft is almost out of propellant after spending over six-and-a-half years traveling to the planet and four orbiting and studying it. The agency sent Messenger t ...read full article ››

Widerun turns your bike into a virtual machine

Date: 16-04-2015 15:09
Some people need extra motivation to exercise, and the creators of this bike trainer called Widerun hope to provide that in the form of virtual reality. Widerun is a system comprised of a steering component and a base station that attaches to ordinary bikes. It works with both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR -- just plug them in and strap them o ...read full article ››

Duck-like US Navy drone can fly or swim

Date: 02-04-2015 11:52
Duck-like US Navy drone can fly or swim to hunt submarines There are plenty of flying and swimming drones, but you'd ideally have both at once for sub-hunting -- you want something that can poke its head underwater, but move quickly through the air when needed. The US Navy certainly knows this. It's developing a duck-like drone, the Flimmer, that can both fly a ...read full article ››

Dolphin Browser - Voice Controlled Android Browser

Date: 01-04-2015 12:55
Most of the android users prefer third party browsers over the default Android browser because of their numerous benefits. One such browser is - Dolphin Browser HD - which is first Voice, Gesture controlled browser for android. Wouldn't it be fun to command your browser what to do, to use gestures to navigate? Besides it has tabbed browsing similar to our f ...read full article ››

All abroad the San Francisco startup bus craze

Date: 24-03-2015 15:58
The startup’s fleet consists of five vehicles, all heavy-duty transit buses that have been retrofitted with reclaimed wood, bar stools, USB ports, and Wi-Fi. The result feels like the reception area of a mid-to-large tech company. The kind that makes you sign an NDA on an iPad before they’ll let you in. Kirchhoff and his four co-founders beta tested Leap ...read full article ››

An umbrella which texts you!

Date: 16-03-2015 16:58
It’s hard to imagine something as simple as a deployable nylon tarp become “smart” in any way. But as difficult as it might be, Dave Kahng did imagine it, and the result is an umbrella that nags you via text message if you leave it behind. Launching under his company’s banner, the Davek Alert Umbrella is like a drunk friend at a house p ...read full article ››

St Patricks Day in Pictures

Date: 16-03-2015 13:47
(Source: The Guardian News Portal) 

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