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8 wonders which are not in your history books

Date: 13-03-2015 12:22
    1. The unfinished obelisk. For how long and complex human history is, it’s no big surprise to me that it would miss a few major places and events, right? Well we’ll help you fill in the gaps a bit. This obelisk was recently found in Aswan, Egypt, and was ordered to be constructed by Hatshepsut in the mid 1500s BC. The obelisk was never fini ...read full article ››

Solar planes start to take shape

Date: 13-03-2015 12:07
Fueled solely by the sun, the Solar Impulse 2 has completed the second leg of its historic journey around the world, landing in Ahmedabad, India. A decade-old dream is actualizing for the team. The solar plane began its historic flight in Abu Dhabi on Monday and landed early Tuesday at Muscat, Oman. The second leg took 15 hours, with the Solar Impulse 2 flying across the ...read full article ››

Behind the scenes of Fast and the Furious 7

Date: 13-03-2015 11:52

3D printed hand for a 7 year old

Date: 13-03-2015 10:11
It looks like Iron Man's arm, but it's actually a fully-functioning bionic prosthetic for a seven-year-old kid. Electronically wired and capable of moving, it can, for instance, open and close its hand if the user flexes their bicep. The limb was created by Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit made up of engineering students from the University of Central Florida, us ...read full article ››

BBC gives children computers

Date: 13-03-2015 09:56
The BBC will be giving away mini-computers to 11-year-olds across the country as part of its push to make the UK more digital. One million Micro Bits - a stripped-down computer similar to a Raspberry Pi - will be given to all pupils starting secondary school in the autumn term. The BBC is also launching a season of coding-based programmes and activities. It will includ ...read full article ››

The worlds fastest wifi sd-card to date!

Date: 12-03-2015 13:31
Eyefi's always had an intriguing hook: Wouldn't it be easier if you could just transfer photos from your cameras over Wi-Fi, instead of manually plugging into your computer? Its wireless SD cards haven't always worked flawlessly, and they're a lot more than standard SD cards, but they're still worth it if you take photos regularly. Now, the company is announcing its lates ...read full article ››

Sony reveals its virtual reality helmet

Date: 11-03-2015 12:24
Sony has revealed an upgraded version of its virtual reality helmet, which it says it plans to put on sale in 2016. The new edition of Project Morpheus now features an OLED display, rather than an LCD one, letting it show more vibrant colours. That brings it in line with Facebook's rival Oculus Rift. It is also capable of showing graphics at 120 frames per second (fps). ...read full article ››

EU data roaming and net neutrality plans attacked

Date: 06-03-2015 09:27
European regulators have dropped plans to ban roaming charges and have proposed net neutrality rules allowing privileged access in some cases. They called for an "intermediate step" that would still allow carriers to charge more to use mobiles abroad. And net neutrality rules would bar discrimination in internet access, but allow prioritisation of some services. The pr ...read full article ››

red cards

Date: 27-02-2015 11:24
I Quote Football: 5 Costliest Red-Cards in Football History Every football match starts the same: two squads of eleven players face off each other on the field. However, throughout multiple times in the game’s illustrious history, the brandishing of a yellow and/or red card managed to turn a game on its head. I Quote Football’s Kurt Baldacch ...read full article ››

Google starts testing Apps in the Play store

Date: 26-02-2015 17:01
Google announced the launch of a pilot program which will allow mobile application developers the ability to advertise their apps directly within the Google Play store. These ads, which will initially be made available to advertisers already running search ads on Google.com, will also only be shown against Google Play search results. That is, they won’t just ra ...read full article ››

Battery power can track Android phones

Date: 23-02-2015 14:59
Android phones can be tracked without using their GPS or wi-fi data by studying their power use over time, a study has found. A smartphone uses more power the further away it is from a cellular base and the more obstacles are in its way as it reaches for a signal. Additional power use by other activities could be factored out with algorithms, the researchers found. The ...read full article ››

Is your hard-drive hiding a spying programme?

Date: 18-02-2015 09:52
According to Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker, the NSA has managed to insert spying software on most computer hard drives. The program is hidden on hard drives manufactured by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, Reuters reports. Kaspersky did not pinpoint the country responsible for the software, but said it is ...read full article ››

FAA publish rules to commercial drones

Date: 16-02-2015 13:44
After a number of delays, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today officially announced its proposed rules for small commercial drones. Most of the proposed rules already leaked earlier this weekend. Overall, the proposed rules are pretty straightforward and more lenient than expected, but while they open ...read full article ››

Fastest Jet-Car to date

Date: 16-02-2015 13:33

Premium telephoto zoom packs by Fuji

Date: 16-02-2015 09:48
Fujifilm may still be a relatively niche player in the mirrorless camera field, but that's not stopping the company from putting out some serious lenses to go along with its well-regarded X-series cameras. With the $1,600 XF50-140mm zoom, Fuji's hoping to provide a professional-level, weather-sealed telephoto zoom that can compete with the legendary 70-200mm lenses from c ...read full article ››

Super Mario Worlds gravity is impossible

Date: 16-02-2015 09:32
It goes without saying that Super Mario World is unrealistic, but have you wondered just how outlandish it is? PBS has. The broadcaster's Space Time show recently went out of its way to calculate the gravity of the game's planet based on Mario's jumps, and it turns out to be nearly eight times that of Earth. That's a figure that y ...read full article ››

Visa wants to track your travels abroad

Date: 13-02-2015 12:43
Visa has a new service for card holders in the US that could prevent that from happening again: one that instantly cross-references your phone's location with the transaction. If the location data matches, the bank automatically approves your payment, so you can use your cards even in places with high CC fraud rates. The feature will come bundled with banks' mobile ...read full article ››

Chrome OS lets you lock lost or stolen computers

Date: 06-02-2015 11:22
Losing a gadget sucks, but having to change all your passwords to make sure no thief gets to your bank accounts is much worse for some people. That's why it's awesome that Chrome OS devices can now be locked when stolen or lost -- if they're Enterprise/Business or Education computers, that is. Google has introduced the feature as an update to the admin console ...read full article ››

You Won’t Believe What’s Hidden In These Walls

Date: 02-02-2015 12:41
Berlin-based media artist Aram Bartholl is leaving a trail from Paris to London of something special for the world to find: USB dead drops. Each USB driven Bartholl leaves is hidden in plain sight, buried in walls of stone or other public places. What he left them there for (and what you can use them for) is truly amazing. Bartholl created an a ...read full article ››

Scientists make a Mobius strip of laser light

Date: 02-02-2015 10:43
  Unless you count incidents in Star Trek episodes, Möbius strips don't really occur in nature -- you have to create that freaky one-sided shape yourself. However, a worldwide team of scientists may have produced the next best thing. They've created a Möbius strip of light by manipulating the polarization of the light's inherent elect ...read full article ››

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