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WhatsApp introduce the blue tick

Date: 06-11-2014 15:34
WhatsApp, the social messaging smartphone app, has issued an update introducing a feature that many users have been asking for since its launch. The chat service has finally introduced a new notification which displays a blue tick next to a private message once it's been read. It's a feature many users have wanted for years, and indeed one that many thought ...read full article ››

Chrome extension encrypts your personal info

Date: 06-11-2014 13:06
A new breed of relatively easy-to-use encryption and security services like Silent Circle have started popping up ever since Snowden made his revelations last year. One of the newest additions to that growing list is a Chrome browser extension called ShadowCrypt, which encrypts emails, Facebook status updates, tweets and other messages you send and p ...read full article ››

Microsoft teams up with Dropbox

Date: 05-11-2014 09:53
Today Microsoft and Dropbox announced a partnership that will see Dropbox better support Microsoft’s Office suite, and the latter better integrate into the product stack of the storage firm. The news comes after Box, another enterprise-facing storage firm, integrated with Office 365, Microsoft’s Office-as-a-service solution, and OneDrive ...read full article ››

Fast food chain in India sells on Ebay

Date: 04-11-2014 17:15
?eBay sells a lot of stuff, but oddly enough, Burger King meals haven't been on the menu. Apparently Burger King wants to change that by selling its food online in India, starting this month. You won't actually get a burger delivered to your door in 3-5 working days. Instead, you'll get a voucher that you can then use to redeem a burger at the chain's first outlet in Ind ...read full article ››

Disney movies made available on smartphones

Date: 04-11-2014 12:44
The Disney Movie Anywhere app now lives up to its name — after launching for iOS and the iTunes Store earlier this year, Disney is now bringing its movie-curating app to Android and Google Play. That partnership between Disney and Google means that things just got a lot easier for anyone who wants to watch their Disney movie library across both Android and iOS ...read full article ››

Law could spell trouble for junk food shops

Date: 04-11-2014 10:25
Shops and stalls located near primary and secondary schools could be forbidden from selling unhealthy food items to children, under a proposed law that wants a health advisory council to set a distance within which junk food cannot be sold near schools.The private member’s bill presented in Parliament in June by PN MP Robert Cutajar, shadow minister for youth and sp ...read full article ››

Protecting your Internet-connected home

Date: 04-11-2014 10:06
The Internet-connected home is arriving faster than you think -- offering conveniences but also new security perils with every smart device you bring inside. Here's how to protect yourself. There's a good chance you'll soon have to worry about your house getting hacked. Everything from door locks and ovens to thermostats and refrigerators are being connected to the In ...read full article ››

Google Wallet uses a smart feature

Date: 03-11-2014 16:06
You can't exactly use Google Wallet everywhere you go just yet, but if you do use it often enough to warrant semi-regular transfers from your bank, then you'll love its latest update. Now, you can activate recurring bank transfers, even pick the amount and the schedule (say, once a month or so) you want, to automatically replenish your digital dollars. That's ...read full article ››

The 3D-printed future of Halloween

Date: 28-10-2014 09:44
You know that super awesome Halloween costume idea you’ve had for the past five years but still haven’t had the time to put together? The one that would take weeks of design, fabrication, and a ridiculous amount of skill? Whether you want to be Iron Man or Samus Aran, creating a jaw-dropping costume can seem nearly impossible, but this year could be the year t ...read full article ››

The Solar Power Tent

Date: 21-10-2014 17:08
The Concept Tent (also known as the solar powered tent) was thought up because of festivals and the fact that partygoers always need to keep in touch with mates while they’re camping and roaming around the festival site.   Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication designed it in partnership to celebrate Glastonbury Festival. For us the best bit about it is the re ...read full article ››

Smart Luggage

Date: 20-10-2014 16:40
Losing your luggage is no fun, but while companies like Trakdot have been selling trackers for some time, a startup is taking to Indiegogo to create what it calls the "world's first smart, connected carry-on." Bluesmart is a small suitcase with a host of features that its makers believe frequent travelers can't live without. Priced at $235 (or as low as $195 for ...read full article ››

This is the future of Photoshop

Date: 10-10-2014 13:51
If they achieve a fraction of what is show here, I would be happy. I have no doubt that all the features will happen eventually, but I want them all right now.     source: sploid.gizmodo.com

Tesla just announced a supercar

Date: 10-10-2014 12:25
It's called the Model S P85D. It comfortably seats four, more if you're willing to squeeze in a kid or two. If your frame of reference for automobiles ended somewhere around the year 2000, the performance of Elon Musk's hottest all-electric sedan yet would be outright difficult to comprehend. Even today, the numbers put up by this all-wheel-drive hatchback compare f ...read full article ››

Camera drones on your wrist

Date: 29-09-2014 10:34
  If the idea of a wearable camera drone seems downright strange to you, you’re probably not alone, but a new wrist-mounted flying concept camera called the Nixie makes this strange idea seem both possible and completely logical. Nixie was born as part of Intel’s Make it Wearable (MIW) Challenge, a competition that seeks to push wearable technology ...read full article ››

iPhone bend test

Date: 24-09-2014 15:35
   (Clip: Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel)  The bigger screens but thinner bodies of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models have come at the cost of rigidity, according to owners who say they bent while being carried in trouser pockets. A number of users across various forums, sites and Twitter have reported – and pictu ...read full article ››

India’s first Mars satellite enters orbit

Date: 24-09-2014 15:15
costing just 11% of NASA’s own Mars mission  India’s Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan, has successfully inserted itself into Mars orbit. India becomes only the fourth space agency to successfully make it into Mars orbit, behind the Soviets, NASA, and the ESA. Remarkably, the entirety of India’s Mangalyaan mission cost just 4.5 billion rupe ...read full article ››

NASA challenges you to design experiments for Mars

Date: 23-09-2014 11:32
Want to play a significant role in NASA's space exploration efforts without spending years in training? You now have a better chance of making your mark. NASA has launched Solve, a site that makes it easy to find all the agency's public competitions and crowdsourced projects. You'll mostly see previously announced efforts there right now, but the inaugural offeri ...read full article ››

Facebook is building a Facebook inside Facebook

Date: 17-09-2014 16:30
Moments could make sharing with smaller groups a snap Facebook has a problem: your Friends list has grown so broad that sharing a photo or status with all of them probably doesn't make much sense. People still do it out of habit, and because there aren't many clear-cut ways to share with just your family or just your close friends. But according to a new report ...read full article ››

Highest capacity SD card to date

Date: 16-09-2014 11:54
SanDisk claims its latest Extreme Pro is the "world's highest capacity SDXC card," and it's hard to argue that claim. It packs 512 GB of storage, making it suitable for 4K video recording. Of course, budding filmmakers can also record full HD on it, and photographers can shoot burst mode until their hearts content. Rated with write speeds as high as 90 megabytes per se ...read full article ››

Trying to 3D print (most of) a car in 6 days

Date: 12-09-2014 10:25
You can probably get quite a bit done by yourself in six days time, but could you build an entire car from scratch and take it for a test drive? Probably not. The folks at Local Motors are pretty confident that their 3D-printed car can roll out of Chicago's McCormick Place and go for a spin this Sunday, though. Printing started a few days ago at the ...read full article ››

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